Detroit Dragway

Detroit Dragway® Est. 1959 Coat-Jacket

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Detroit Dragway® Coat-Jacket

The large image is on the BACK of the jacket and our "Official Detroit Dragway Gear" logo is on the front.

These are NEW, and made to order.

Both of the images are embroidered and look great.

Because of problems with getting shipments in the U.S. We may not be able to get the jacket in black in your size, so we also will be using the Navy Blue jacket.

This is a black or Navy Blue Holloway Button Down quilted jacket with white trim.  The jacket is 100% Polyester quilted. and is machine wash only.  The care info is on the tag.


Shipping: This Jacket is made to order. Please allow around three weeks for your jacket to ship. Thank You.

ANY questions we are just an email away.